Rabu, 8 Jun 2011

talking to yourself?

have you ever talk to yourself before?
do you even realise if you're talking to yourself or its just the voice inside of your head.

hey, lets be honest yeah,
i think its normal when you talk to yourself.
but there is a fine line between nuts and normal.
at leat thats what i've read before.

so, when do you talk to yourself?
let me do my list.

1. when i'm talking to my parts of the body especially when i'm in pain.
2. when i suddenly remember something so embarassing,
i have to talk to my brain to shut that memory off.
(trust me, i have plenty of those)
3.when i have to cheer up myself about something
especially when there no one to depend on but myself
4.when i need the encouragement to do something, and theres no one around.
5.when i hope so much for something, and it didnt happen,
i have to talk myself down to never ever dreaming on the false hope
and keep going.

oookkay, thats quite a lot...

am i normal?